How to get 108 Bocce in Vampire Survivors

Get a powerful weapon that always surrounds you.

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The 108 Bocce is one of eight new weapons that are introduced to Vampire Survivors as part of the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC. It is a powerful weapon that surrounds you similar to weapons like the King Bible but is capable of dealing increased damage. Paired with the right characters, you can easily get through the first few waves without much assistance.

Getting the 108 Bocce in your arsenal will take some time investment, but the process is straightforward. You have to work your way through the new content, unlocking characters and evolving weapons before 108 Bocce becomes available. When it is available, you can pick it up through a weapon drop and avoid early-game struggles.

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The path to unlocking 108 Bocce

Before you get anywhere, you must unlock McCoy-Oni who has the 108 Bocce weapon by default. McCoy-Oni isn’t available for purchase as it is a character you must unlock. You must first find the coffin in Mt. Moonspell and find Miang Moonspell, who has the Silver Wind weapon. Purchase Miang and evolve the Silver Wind weapon to begin the chain of unlocking characters.

  1. Unlock Miang and evolve the Silver Wind weapon
  2. Unlock Menya and evolve the Four Seasons weapon
  3. Unlock Syuuto and evolve the Summon Night weapon
  4. Unlock Babi-Onna and evolve the Mirage Robe weapon

After these eight unlocks, you will be able to unlock McCoy-Oni after getting the J’Odore weapon (the evolution of the Mirage Robe). Remember that you must have the money to buy the characters, and they can cost between 20,000-30,000 gold each.

Getting 108 Bocce for all characters

After you unlock McCoy-Oni, you get access to the 108 Bocce weapon. To unlock the weapon for all characters (have it appear in the weapon pool), you must survive 15 minutes with McCoy-Oni. Fortunately, the map choice doesn’t matter and you can pick the easiest map (Mad Forest) for this task.

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McCoy-Oni doesn’t need to survive the entire 30-minute round. Once the timer hits 15 minutes, you can leave and unlock 108 Bocce for every character. There is no evolution marked for 108 Bocce, and there is no point in holding out if you just want to unlock the weapon. With 108 Bocce, you get a sturdy weapon that makes the early game easy, as well as being a reliable mainstay in the mid to late game.