How to get and evolve the Clock Lancet in Vampire Survivors

Freeze enemies in time with the Clock Lancet.

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The Clock Lancet is an unusual weapon since it doesn’t have any offensive potential. What it can do is freeze enemies in place, allowing you to attack them without fear. It’s a weapon with great utility, but evolving it is one of the toughest tasks in the game. If you do manage to evolve it, it becomes a weapon that lets you freely control the battlefield to your wishes.

Finding the Clock Lancet is the easy part, evolving it does require a significant amount of effort and testing. You will also have to put yourself at risk during the evolution process. But the rewards are well worth the effort if you are able to survive that long.

Unlocking the Clock Lancet

You unlock the Clock Lancet by finding an Orologion during battle. It looks like a clock on the battlefield that flashes blue and yellow. Once you move towards it, it freezes all enemies on the battlefield for a few seconds. After finishing a round (you don’t have to play the full 30 minutes), you will get the notification that you unlocked the Clock Lancet as a weapon.

Evolving the Clock Lancet

To evolve the Clock Lancet, you need the Yellow Sign relic. The Yellow Sign is obtained by defeating the final boss of the Moongolow bonus stage with a non-secret character (ie. Antonio, Gennaro). Once you do this, you will unlock the Holy Forbidden stage in the level selection menu.

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The Holy Forbidden stage isn’t a regular stage. You are trying to get to the end of a long corridor, which will require good movement speed. Fighting isn’t recommended, and you need to focus on dodging enemy attacks. Once you get to the end, you will find the Yellow Sign relic. The Relic allows items such as the Silver and Gold Ring to appear on maps.

To evolve the Clock Lancet, you need to get the Silver and Gold Rings. This will cause two enemies to appear and attack you, though you don’t have to defeat them for the evolution. You can pull them towards you with the Mad Groove Arcana, cutting out the need to search for them. Fully upgrade the Clock Lancet, the Silver Ring, and the Gold Ring, then open a treasure box. You will get the Infinite Corridor, which keeps the Clock Lancet’s freezing ability but also halves the health of all enemies around the character after 12 Clock Lancet beams, just like a clock.