How to get and evolve the Yellow Sign in Vampire Survivors

Reveal every hidden item with the Yellow Sign.

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The Yellow Sign is a relic in Vampire Survivors that reveals all hidden items in a stage: the Silver Ring, Gold Ring, Metaglio Left, and Metaglio Right. They will be available on every stage and provide fantastic bonuses, but these items also reveal powerful enemies who “guard” them. Defeating these enemies allows you to get a Golden Egg, which gives your character a random stat boost.

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Unlocking the Yellow Sign is a multi-step process that involves working with other stages. Once you unlock the relic, the benefits are permanent, and you will never need to repeat this process. It will also help you unlock other characters, giving you more benefits beyond revealing items. Here’s how to do so in Vampire Survivors.

How to unlock the Yellow Sign relic

The first step of unlocking the Yellow Sign relic has you going into the Moongolow bonus stage and defeating the Moon Trinacria enemy. It only appears during the last 14 minutes of the round, and there must be an Eclipse going on. This must be done with a non-secret character like Antonio or Gennaro. Using someone like Leda will bar you from the next step, even if you defeat Moon Trinacria.

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If you defeat the Moon Trinacria, you will be teleported to the Holy Forbidden stage. Your goal is to reach the end of the corridor. Don’t worry about fighting, because the goal isn’t to survive like in other stages. You just need to reach the end and get the Yellow Sign relic.

Suddenly being teleported to the Holy Forbidden stage can be a surprise, and you might fall in battle. If that happens, you can always revisit the stage from the stage selection menu and try again. The stage will not disappear until it is beaten, allowing you to prepare and pick the right character for the job.

Once you get the Yellow Sign relic, you can no longer access the Holy Forbidden stage. However, the effects of the Yellow Sign relic will immediately apply, and you can start getting the special passive items for yourself.

Evolving the Yellow Sign relic

Unfortunately, the Yellow Sign relic cannot be evolved since it isn’t a weapon. However, it will allow you to evolve the Clock Lancet into the Infinite Corridor, and the Laurel into the Crimson Shroud. The Clock Lancet pairs with the Silver and Gold Rings, while the Laurel pairs with Metaglio Left and Metaglio Right.

You will need the Clock Lancet/Laurel to be fully upgraded, as well as having the accompanying items fully upgraded. Once that happens, your next treasure box could contain the Infinite Corridor or Crimson Shroud. Without the Yellow Sign relic, you won’t be able to evolve these weapons to their full potential, though the relic itself is incapable of evolving.