How to get and make Bronze in My Time at Sandrock

Delve deep into the ruins to get those bars.

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A key part of My Time at Sandrock, between all the relationship building and exploring the world after it has been decimated by technology, is crafting. You’ll spend a lot of time searching the ruins for parts and ore to craft into new objects to fulfill requests and complete tasks. Some materials, like Bearings, require you to recycle your scrap, while others will need you to create new items from scratch. One material that might need a little experimentation to uncover is Bronze. It isn’t a material that naturally occurs in the world, so how do you get your hands on it in My Time at Sandrock?

How to get Bronze in My Time in Sandrock

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Just like in the real world, bronze isn’t a substance that exists in nature. Instead, it is an alloy of two different materials, usually copper and another metal. In the case of My Time at Sandrock, Bronze is made of a mixture of Copper and Tin. This means that you can’t just run into the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins and find Bronze; you need to make it yourself.

Bronze Bars can be made from three Copper Ore and two Tin Ore. Any furnace can make the material, so the biggest barrier is finding enough of the materials to craft them. Copper is easier to find since it can be obtained on any level of the ruins. Tin requires a bit more work as it is only available in the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins starting at Level 3. Of course, you’ll need to unlock the ruins before you’re able to delve into them.

If you’re short on time and have some money burning a hole in your pocket, you can visit the Eufaula Salvage Shop and purchase both Copper and Tin. A single ore of Tin will set you back eight Gols, while a Copper Ore will cost you four. Keep in mind that the shop has a limited amount of these ores at a given time, so you’ll be limited in how much you can buy regardless of how much money you’ve accumulated.

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Once you have the ore you need, just head to your furnace and begin crafting. It will take 90 minutes of game time to craft a single Bronze Bar. Alternatively, you can also purchase Bronze Bars from the Hammer Time shop for 47 Gols. This is the least cost-effective way to obtain the material, however, so only use it if you need the bars immediately.

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