How to make Bearings in My Time at Sandrock

You’ll need Mechanical Scrap to gain this resource in My Time at Bedrock.

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For your first major mission in My Time at Sandrock, you’ll need to make a crane lift to help assist Eufaula Salvage. One of the ingredients, bearings, is a bit tougher to scrounge up as they’re not available in the open world. Here’s how to make bearings in My Time at Sandrock, but be prepared to have a bit of patience.

Collecting scrap in My Time at Sandrock

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A lot of what you’ll do in My Time at Sandrock, especially during the beginning stages of the game, is collecting scrap from the ground. When you first are given the task of creating a new crane lift, go immediately to the Eufaula Salvage location. It is slightly southeast of your home on the map. Once you arrive, a gate will be opened for you. To the right, you’ll find a large pile of metal junk. With your hammer, keep hitting the area until you receive Copper Scrap and Mechanical Scrap. We’ll want the latter to make Bearings.

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Recycle your scrap

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When you have your Mechanical Scrap, go back to your house and interact with the Recycler. After that, click “Mechanical Scrap” on the left side. With the slider on the bottom, you can add as much Mechanical Scrap as you’d like. Start the process with the orange “Add” tab below.

Unfortunately, your chance to get Bearings are dependent on your luck. The Mechanical Scrap can help you form three different items: the Bearing, Dregs, or Old Parts. Hopefully, you get the first one.

To form the Crane Lift, you’ll need four Bearings, which will take a few minutes to form in the Recycler. In addition, you’ll need eight Bricks, six Thick Ropes, and five Copper Sticks. To form Copper Sticks, you’ll need to recycle Copper Scrap. For the Thick Ropes, you can make them with four easily accessible Plant Fibers.