How to get to the Abandoned Ruins in My Time at Sandrock

Find copper ore and more in the Abandoned Mines of My Time at Sandrock.

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The Abandoned Ruins are a great place to find ore and all manner of resources for your building needs. There is plenty that’s been left behind from the old world, and it is your job to seek whatever lies below. However, it will take a while to get down there, so here’s how you can enter the Abandoned Ruins in My Time at Sandrock.

How to access the Abandoned Ruins area

To gain entry into the Abandoned Ruins area, you must first construct a crane lift, one of the first missions that are presented to you during the beginning of My Time at Sandrock. You have been asked by the appropriately named Rocky to form one lift crane while your other building buddy Mi-an makes the second.

To build the crane lift, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Eight bricks
  • Five wooden sticks
  • Six thick ropes
  • Four bearings
  • Five copper sticks

You may need to buy some recipes from the Commerce Guild, especially for the thick ropes, but they are fairly inexpensive. You’ll also require both the furnace and the recycler, which can be used to create all of these new items. For the copper sticks and bearings, we recommend finding some copper scrap and mechanical scrap on the right of the Eufaula Salvage building.

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Once you’ve gained all the materials, form your lift crane at the place you built the furnace and carry it over to Eufaula Salvage. There should be a point on the mini-map, showing you where to go. Once it’s formed and a cutscene has played, go to where you installed the crane lift. Go on the lift and press the “E” key on the green keypad to turn the mode of transportation on. If you need to call it, there’s a button on the left side of where the lift used to be.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Once you reach the bottom, turn left and the Abandoned Ruins entrance is right there. Good luck, mining for the best materials possible.