How to get and replace Fuel Rods in Starbase

Have fuel, will mine.

Image via Frozenbyte

If you are out mining in Starbase and find that your generator is running out of fuel, there are a few ways you can replace your fuel rods.

Replace your fuel rods

You have four spare fuel rods in the rear of your ship, so try not to buy more fuel rods when your main one runs out initially. To replace your fuel rods, make sure you aren’t in easy build mode. Click the period (.) key to exit or enter easy build mode.

Go up to the fuel rod port and hit the E key to remove the fuel rod. Once you have the fuel rod, head to the rear of your ship, drop the empty near the rear so it’s easy to find, and pull a full fuel rod out. Head back to the front of your ship and replace the fuel rod.

If you are having trouble installing your fuel rod, make sure you have Snap mode on. Press the C button to enter Snap mode. You can also hold down Y to turn it on its y-axis to help move it, as well as X to move it along the x-axis. Once it is in, the light on the rod will turn red to let you know that it is in use.

The Market

You can buy more fuel rods at the market inside the auction house. They will be under the Parts menu in Machinery. Be aware of the prices though, since they can begin to get a little pricey, so run your main fuel rod and the four replacement fuel rods until you are forced to purchase more.

Once purchased, head back to your ship, open your inventory menu, and drag the fuel rod out of your inventory screen. At the time of this guide, fuel rods were beginning to drop in price, which is a bonus. This is probably due to the ability to construct refilled fuel rods.

Refilling your Fuel Rod

When you enter your Crafting tab, under the Ship Modules you will find the Power section. There will be options to craft three types of fuel rods: Full Rod Empty, Full Rod Full, and Fuel Rod Refill. All it takes to build a refill is researching the Fuel Rod Talent from the Basic Technology Tree, and by mining some Nhurgite ore.

Make sure your Nhurgite is in your backpack, and an empty fuel rod is in your inventory. Find the Fuel Rod Refill in the power section and construct that refill. Once it is constructed, you can pull it out of your inventory and place it in a container in your ship, or in the generator fuel port. If you attach more racks to your ship, you will be able to store extra fuel rods that you construct. As a quick tip, when you aren’t mining, turn off your generator to help conserve your fuel.