How to get and upgrade the Teleporter in Dome Keeper

When speed is key, there’s nothing like teleportation.

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In Dome Keeper, every second matters. So much of the difference between a successful run and one that falls apart comes down to shaving off tiny amounts of the time it takes you to get out of your mine with your haul of resources. Because of this, gaining the ability to teleport yourself (or your resources) between the deepest mines and your base is incredibly useful. The best tool for that job is, naturally, the Teleporter. Here is how to get the Teleporter in Doom Keeper.

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How to get the Teleporter in Dome Keeper

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You can find the Teleporter in the same way you would find any other gadget in the game. You’ll discover gadgets while mining, and you can identify them by their glowing tiles. There are a few other things you might find with similar glowing tiles, but gadgets are the most common, especially at shallower depths. Once you uncover the gadget, (which will take up a two-by-two space) you’ll need to carry it back to your base, where you’ll be prompted to choose which gadget you want to unlock. There’s no guarantee the Teleporter will be an option here, so you may need to find a few gadgets to unlock it. Note also that the Teleporter takes up one of two slots in the lower level of your base, so you will need to leave room to install it.

Figuring out how to use the Teleporter once you get it can be a little tricky, too. Just make sure you actually pick it up from the lower level of your base when you head underground. Then, you can place it down anywhere you’ve already dug to teleport back and forth from your base.

Best Teleporter upgrades in Dome Keeper

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You upgrade the Teleporter in the same way you do any other gadget, by selecting the upgrades option at the terminal in your base. These upgrades are generally pretty cheap in iron, but they do come with a relatively high water cost.

Which upgrades you choose comes down to your specific scenario, although it’s worth noting that you will be choosing between two distinct types of teleportation here. You can either upgrade the teleporter with the intention of using it to transport yourself in both directions, or you can sacrifice your ability to teleport back to your base to gain the ability to transport resources back. Both options are useful, although resource teleportation is generally more useful on its own. That said, it does overlap with the Resource Elevator gadget, so if you have that installed already you’re probably better off being able to move yourself back and forth freely instead.