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Full Dome Keeper Achievements and Trophies list

Nourish your completionist heart with thorough mining and mushroom worlds.

Indie hit Dome Keeper challenges its players with a wide range of unique achievements. Some of them encapsulate the basics of the game, like playing your first run or unlocking all the different modes and maps. However, other ones are a lot more specific and difficult to get (especially because Steam doesn’t have descriptions for some of them). So, if you want to 100% Dome Keeper, here’s an in-depth checklist explaining each achievement.

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Basic achievements in Dome Keeper

These achievements are easy to get as you explore the game as a newbie. Even without beginner’s tips and tricks, play the game naturally and you’ll get them over time.

  • Gifts from the past: Retrieve a relic
  • Precisely when I meant to: Get in the dome just when the fight starts
  • Bite-Sized: Complete a relic hunt on a small map
  • The Regular: Complete relic hunt on a medium size map
  • The Deep End: Complete relic hunt on a large map

Unlockable achievements in Dome Keeper

As you win games, you get to choose new options and maps to unlock. While you beat new runs of the game, here are the different domes, worlds, modes, and gadgets to enjoy.

  • Stick them with the pointy end: Unlock the sword dome
  • Land of the orbs: Unlock the orb world
  • Land of the behemoth: Unlock the behemoth world
  • Land of the stalks: Unlock the stalk world
  • Land of the Spores: Unlock the mushroom world
  • A keeper of status: Unlock the prestige mode
  • Shield Completed: Unlock every battle ability of the shield
  • Repellent completed: Unlock every battle ability of the repellent
  • Orchard completed: Unlock every battle ability of the orchard

Resource achievements in Dome Keeper

Resources are arguably the most important feature in the game. The more of them you have, the better you can protect your dome until you find a relic or fly into space.

  • Hoarder: Hoard 8 cobalt in your inventory
  • Shopping Bag Conundrum: Carry 20 resources back to the dome at once
  • The third eye: Detect 15 resources with the probe in one cycle
  • Waterworld: Produce 10+ water with the condenser throughout a run
  • We’re gonna need a bigger lift: Have 80 resources hanging in the lift
  • My good mule: Have the lift transport 200+ resources by the end of one run

Prestige mode achievements in Dome Keeper

While many streamers choose relic mode, it’s not the only option. You can also play prestige mode, where you earn prestige for fighting off waves and then fly back to your home planet. If that’s your mode of choice, here are the achievements you should be working towards.

  • Compounding interest: Reach a prestige multiplier of 10
  • My name shall be known: Win a prestige run with 1000 points or more
  • Bringing home the big bucks: Gain 200 prestige in one wave

Mining achievements in Dome Keeper

Mining is the best way to protect and repair your dome. If you particularly love the soothing drilling aspect of this game, there are a handful of achievements that you’ll find particularly fun.

  • Deep and Greedy: dig down 100 depth
  • Half Marathon: Travel half the length of a Marathon in one run (roughly 13 miles)
  • Thorough: Mine every single block on a map
  • The Need for Speed: Hit a very high speed (with speed upgrades and finding speed fruit/mushrooms, you should be able to go fast enough)

Unique achievements in Dome Keeper?

Everyone loves a good teleporter on their side in a Dome Keeper run, but there are a wider variety of options that can help you. That can mean your own ingenuity, item buffs, or even the cutest little drill on the planet. So, do your best to win (and lose) in these unique ways.

  • Quick Finish: Retrieve the relic within 20 minutes
  • Close Call: Almost die in a fighting round
  • Doping: Feed 10 treats to Drillbert in one run
  • I came prepared: After retrieving the relic, beat the final wave without the help of the relic bomb
  • Take your time: Delay a wave by more than 0.5 cycles
  • Rich in Fiber: Consume a fruit that buffs you for at least 0.6 cycles
  • Ready for Battle: Have 150 or more shield hp ready
  • Earth shattering: Use 15 blast charges in one run
  • Transmogrification: Perform 10 conversions in one run
  • Veteran Keeper: Win 10 runs
  • Learning Opportunity: Lose 10 runs
  • My Savior: At 0 cobalt, let the monsters hit your dome under 10% health. Then, kill the monsters and search for fresh, uncovered, and unmined cobalt to repair your dome. Then, once you repair the dome, you’ll get the achievement
  • Find a Friend: Find Drillbert!

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