How to use the seed in Dome Keeper

Grow all the resources you’ll ever need.

Image via Raw Fury

The game mechanics in Dome Keeper are half the fun. You can repel monsters or you can grow an orchard of resources. If you’ve found yourself a wild seed in your game, but don’t know quite what to do with it, let’s break down how to add a little garden to your mining operation.

What is the seed in Dome Keeper?

Whenever you’re digging through the different maps in Dome Keeper, there are a handful of wild discoveries you can make: one-way teleporters, speedy mushrooms, and eggs. In this case, you can uncover a seed by diving into your mines. It is a brown, teardrop-shaped little object. You can carry it and take it wherever you want so that it can grow and create more resources, whether that be cobalt, water, or iron.

The seed is also a part of the Orchard gadget for your dome. Technically, you could get a seed in your base and one out in the wild.

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How to find and plant the seed

If you don’t have an Orchard and are looking for a wild seed, you can find it by digging. Unfortunately, there is no other guarantee of finding it. The maps are randomized, so your game could put the seed anywhere, or not spawn it at all. A teleporter or a speed boost can help you move through the map quicker, but there’s no magical way to make a seed appear and find it.

However, if you do find a seed, pick it up the same way you carry resources, with the A button. When you have it, drag the seed over to an unmined resource you want to grow more of. Drop it there and, after a few cycles, a tree will grow in that spot and start bearing fruit. That fruit will be the chosen resource in its roots. The branches could be filled with cobalt, for example, and help you repair your dome faster.