How to go infinite in Dome Keeper

Get those Prestige achievements in Dome Keeper with this simple yet effective strategy.

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By staying in Prestige Mode in Dome Keeper, you can mine every single resource, netting yourself thousands of points — and of course, earn yourself the “My name shall be known” achievement. Do note that you will have to complete a couple of runs of the regular mode first — this requires you to at least have a basic understanding of the game’s mechanics and the ability to get to the midgame in Prestige Mode. Here’s a method to get you to go infinite in Dome Keeper.

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Equipment needed to go infinite in Dome Keeper

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In Dome Keeper, pick the Laser dome, as you will be aiming for the Double laser upgrade. Avoid the projectile reflecting and withering upgrades. You will have to farm up to mid-game by yourself, so acquire and begin upgrading the laser and teleporter as soon as you can.

The following are essential to reach the goal of (near) infinite mining and dome keeping:

  • Stun Laser module (get every upgrade except the damage ones)
  • Teleporter module (get every upgrade)
  • 30 iron and 2 cobalt (to make your escape)

Once you are ready, start a wave as you would normally do, but leave one flying monster alive and untouched. It will eventually become stun locked via the laser once every other monster is dead. Now you can start mining, using your Teleporter to move resources back to your base. The flying monster will die eventually as the laser is still dealing some damage, but not before you have gotten a large chunk of mining done.

Dealing with Dome Keeper’s stall prevention

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The game will spawn two monsters at the end of each side of the screen every 30 seconds. Use the Teleporter to warp back to the dome, kill the enemies, and then warp back to mine. You can use the beeping monster icon to estimate when the next two monsters will spawn. This is where the Double Laser upgrade shines, as you can kill the monsters the moment they appear.

Using this method, each wave of monsters will be extended for several minutes, giving you ample time to explore the map and mine out your resources. Prioritise your weapon and defensive gadget upgrades in a way that allows you to clear the waves while minimising the damage taken. This will allow you to save cobalt for your score.

Once you have finished mining out everything, you are ready to face the monsters. You will want to survive for as long as possible, so keep some cobalt on hand for repairs. When your dome is close to cracking, grab the resources you were saving for your escape and book it, and get ready to earn those sweet achievements.