How to use the teleporter in Dome Keeper

Take a short cut to the depths of your mine.

Image via Bippinbits

Throughout Dome Keeper, you get a wide selection of gadgets to help you recover the alien relic deep below the ground. Arguably one of the most helpful ones is the teleporter, which you can use to fast-track your way around the mines you dig. If you want to become a teleporter master, let’s break down this fun Dome Keeper mechanic.

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How do you find the teleporter in Dome Keeper?

In Dome Keeper, you access the teleporter by digging through the ground and finding smaller relics. They look like electronic orange and purple lights glowing through the rock. They aren’t the end-goal relic, but they offer little gadgets to help you play the game. If you dig out this electronic resource and bring it back to your base, you can choose one of three gadgets to help you in your excavation. Sometimes, one of these three will be the teleporter. If you choose it, the teleporter will appear inside the lower level of your dome where you can access it at any time.

How do you interact with and move the teleporter?

When the teleporter base first appears in your dome, it will have an oval object sitting at its center. You can pick that up using A and drag it behind you to your destination. When you get deep into the mines, you can let go and it will float in that spot, waiting to be used. To use it to travel, tap A. However, if you want to move the teleporter to a new spot, you have to hold A, just like when collecting the resources in your mine. Drag it along behind you and put it in a new, more useful location.

At the end of each day when you go to fight the monsters, you can then use the teleporter base in your dome to return to exactly where you left the teleporter before. It helps you acquire more resources faster to repair, protect, and get to the endgame with your dome.