How to get and use a Jetpack in Muck

Hop like a kangaroo.

Image via Dani

There are several powerups available in Muck that enhance your capabilities or provide some passive buff. That said, the game doesn’t tell you beforehand how to acquire or use these powerups, so many players might miss out on them. One of these powerups is Jetpack, and here is how to grab one in Muck.

How to get Jetpack

Similar to every powerup available in Muck, players can find Jetpack in the loot chests. These chests can be found all over the Muck universe and require coins for opening. Finally, players can collect coins by defeating enemies or by opening chests. Jetpack is a common gear, so players should mainly focus on Black and White loot chests. Black chests have a 90% chance of containing a common item, whereas White chests boast an 80.3% chance.

How to use Jetpack

Image via Dani

Contrary to what the name suggests, Jetpack doesn’t let you fly in Muck; instead, it increases your jump height. Once you equip a Jetpack, it will automatically boost your jumping ability. Furthermore, the Jetpack buff can be stacked, allowing you to jump higher the more you collect. As of now, there are 25 powerups available in Muck. Players should note that buffs provided by these powerups can be combined, so try to mix and match whenever possible.