How to get and use a Powerpass in Lost Ark

The path to power.

Image via Amazon Games

With players flooding into Lost Ark for the first time, some folks out there are finding themselves a little confused by some of the game’s mechanics. One item that is causing some head-scratching is the Powerpass.

The Powerpass is an item that allows players to skip all that leveling that is involved with starting a new character, instantly boosting them to Level 50, the game’s current maximum level. This is great news for players who just don’t like grinding a character through the levels.

The rest of this article will contain information relevant to the beta test and will be updated with any changes to how the system works when the full game releases in 2022.

How to get a Power Pass in Lost Ark

You can get one Powerpass during the Lost Ark beta. You will need to complete the Ealyn’s Gift main quest and you will then receive one in your in-game mail. You can check your mail by clicking on the envelope icon in the toolbar on the top left of the screen.

You can use the Powerpass on the main screen when you first load up the game and are about to choose your character. Select the character you want to boost, then hit the yellow/orange Powerpass button at the bottom of the screen. After that,t you’ll need to wrap up the Adventurer’s Path quest, and that’s it, you are character will be fully boosted.