How to get and use ETO in Watch Dogs: Legion

Getting those customizations quickly.

How to get and use ETO in Watch Dogs: Legion

The core gameplay of Watch Dogs: Legion revolves around rebuilding DedSec, recruiting more people, and building the resistance. Outside of that, the game also offers a number of activities that players can take part in. Like the previous titles in the franchise, there are a lot of customization features as well.

Most of the customizations can be unlocked by buying them. The main currency in the game is ETO. ETO can be obtained by doing a variety of tasks. Here are the activities you can do to obtain ETO.

  • By unlocking secured safes which are hidden in restricted areas
  • By hacking ATMs
  • By hacking ETO skimmers which are located across the city and are marked on the map
  • By completing side-activities that reward ETO such as Kick-up, Darts, Bareknuckle arena, and Parcel Fox deliveries.
  • By hacking into Parcel Fox drones which contain ETO.
  • By using characters that grant you ETO.

ETO can be used for buying customizations in the game. You can head on to any of the shops in the game to buy clothing for your character. There is a lot of stuff you can buy in the game, and depending on the location you are in, the theme and availability of the clothing can vary.