How to Get and Use Gifts in Pokémon GO

Get and Use Gifts Pokémon GO

When you have friends in Pokémon GO, you have the opportunity to receive gifts from them and send some back to increase your overall Friendship level with them. Gifts are a great way to receive several different consumable items in the game, and you can reap other benefits from increasing your Friendship level with other trainers.

How to Get Gifts

To get gifts to give out to friends, you need to visit any of the PokéStops in your surrounding area. Visit one, spin the dial, and you should receive a gift attached to that location in your inventory. You won’t always receive them because they are a random drop. You may need to visit multiple PokéStops to receive one. You can only hold 10 gifts at a time.

How to Send Gifts

You can now send that to one of the trainers on your Friends list at any time, but you are limited to sending one gift per trainer every day. To send the gift, you need to tap on your profile picture on the lower-left hand section of your screen, and then go to the Friend list on the right side of your profile. You’ll have the list of available Friends you can send a gift.

Click on any of the available trainers to bring up their profile. You should see their Trainer avatar and Buddy Pokémon. Underneath their avatar, to the left, you’ll see you can send them a gift with a present icon above it. Click on it, and then choose from the 10 available gifts to send them. The trainer should receive a notification shortly after that.

If their name is grey, but you have not sent them a gift today, it’s because they did not open the first gift you sent them. You need to wait until they open that one before sending more.

How to Open Gifts

When you receive a gift from another trainer, your Pokémon GO application has a notification about the event. Open up your application click on the red dot over your avatar icon. When you open it, you receive a postcard about the location the friend received the gift and several items.

What Can You Get From a Gift

There are multiple items you can get when opening a gift. They include:

  • Stardust
  • Poké Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls
  • Regular, Super, Hyper, and Max Potions
  • Regular and Max Revives
  • Pinap Berries
  • King’s Rock
  • Sun Stone
  • 7km Eggs (you need egg slots to acquire these eggs)

These are all randomized in the gift. You do not have any guarantees for anything.