How to get and use Transmitters in Marauders

Every Transmitter location in Marauder, and what they are used for.

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In Marauders, players will often be required to obtain specific items to complete a quest. These items are not generally helpful in the game and only serve a particular purpose, but they are necessary for progression. One such item is the Transmitter, which is hard to obtain and has left many players scratching their heads about its purpose. If you are in the same boat and are looking to get Transmitters in Marauders or curious about their use, refer to the guide below.

Where to find Transmitter in Marauders

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There are currently two locations in Marauders where you can find Transmitters. In L1812 Service Station, head to the bar area and the vault storage desk. Here, enter the room on the left side of the vault, which should have a desk in the Admin Reception. A Transmitter can be found on top of the desk.

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In Iridium Asteroid Mine, there are two spots where Transmitters spawn. You’ll either find a Transmitter in the Security Office or the Foreman’s Office.

How to use Transmitters in Marauders

The only known purpose for Transmitters in Marauder is to complete Call Home Zero to Hero mission. While tackling the quest, you’ll be tasked with acquiring three Transmitters, which you should be able to do with ease if you know the before-mentioned spots. Once you complete the mission, you’ll get 415 XP, 35 Faction Standing, $13,500, 1 Thompson, 1 Thompson Drum Mag, and.45 ACP. Other than being required to complete a quest, Transmitter can be sold for $ 1,785 each. Furthermore, it cannot be dismantled to get additional materials.