How to get and use warp crystals and warp discs in High on Life

It’s all about warp travel these days.

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High on Life is filled with a bunch of interesting gadgets that help you be the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. As you make your way through the game, you will encounter enemies that warp from different areas using warp crystals. These special items are for more than just helping the enemies warp around the maps, they can also be used as a currency so you can purchase warp discs. This guide will show you how to get and use warp crystals and warp discs in High on Life.

How to get warp crystals in High on Life

As you progress through High on Life, you will witness enemies teleport into existence via warp bases. These small warp stations typically have at least one warp crystal on them that you can steal. Before you can get your hands on the warp crystals, you will need to defeat all of the enemies that spawn via the warp base.

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Once you defeat all of the enemies, look for a console like the one in the image above. This is called a warp drive. Interacting with a warp drive will allow you to take the warp crystal. You can then see the number of crystals you’ve collected in your inventory next to your currency.

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How to get and use warp discs in High on Life

The warp crystals you collect are used to purchase warp discs. You will have your first interaction with warp discs when you take on the bounty to kill Krubis. After this, you can start purchasing warp discs from Blorto in Blim City. Blorto is in the center of the city at the food stand. Interact with him and a menu with all the warp discs you can purchase will come up.

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You can obtain the following warp discs from Blorto:

  • Cutie Town – Spawns in a small town that you can run through and crush like you are a movie monster.
  • Movie Theater – A movie theater that you can enter to watch the movie Demon Wind while two NPCs talk over it.
  • Skate Park – Allows you to play a skateboarding minigame.
  • Trolley Tracks – Gives you a live representation of the trolley problem.
  • Toilet – A pipe puzzle for you to solve that is similar to the one leading to Douglas’ boss fight.
  • Quiet Cottage – A quaint little cottage with some lugloxes.

Each of the warp discs costs a few warp crystals to obtain with the most expensive one costing 10 crystals. Collecting all of the warp discs and using them will get you the Seeing All the Sights achievement. You will also get an achievement for discovering the movie theater as well.

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To use warp discs, you need to travel to an area where you can use them. As you can tell by the image above, these areas are pretty easy to spot but there aren’t very many of them. The easiest one to reach is next to the Upper Valley portal on Zephyr Paradise. You will be able to spot the blue beam of energy from the warp disc location nearby. Interact with one of these warp disc locations and choose the disc you want to use.