How to get Anemo Signals in Genshin Impact

Where do you find them?

Image via miHoYo

Anemo Signals are City State sigils you can earn while progressing through Genshin Impact. You can exchange them for special items while visiting Mondstadt. How do you go about acquiring Anemo Signals, and how important are they?

They’re a currency you can earn by doing a variety of different tasks in areas nearby Mondstadt. A sure-fire way to earn them is to visit Statues of the Seven and worship them, turning in Anemoculus that you acquire while you explore.

The Anemo Signals are essential to acquire because you can use them to Ascend your characters. You can Ascend your characters when they reach their maximum level, increasing their stats and allowing them to become even more powerful. You also need to reach a higher Adventurer Rank to have the opportunity to Ascend characters, so it’s not something you need to do immediately.

Anemo Signals are tied into exploration progression and becoming stronger in the game. To Ascend characters, make sure to visit any of the Shrines of the Seven to worship them. Alternatively, you can save your Anemo Signals to purchase other items offered by the Souvenir Shop because you can receive Ascension items through other events and challenges on the map. Still, they provide a straightforward method to make your characters more powerful, quicker.