How to get anomaly shards and how they work in Outriders

Increase your attributes.

Image via People Can Fly

A critical resource you want to acquire in Outriders will be anomaly shards. These are how you’re going tomodifyf your weapon andguns’ attributess throughout your time in the game. You can do this in the crafting menu whenever you visit someone who tinker with your gear in a friendly area. Grinding the anomaly shards is pretty simple, but you might not notice where you get them from while running around.

The only way you’ll be able to farm out any of the anomaly shards is by dismantling your weapons and gear. You can do that from your inventory at any time. All you have to do is mark them, and then dismantle them when you’ve chosen everything you want to break down. Each item you break down provides you a small source of shards, which are based on the attributes attached to them. You can view the attribute by hovering over that piece of gear. The weapons with attributes are unusual, rare, epic, and legendary. The common items do not have attributes.

If you’re hunting for a particular series of anomaly shards, such as critical damage, look for all of the weapons or gear pieces that augment it and break those down. The rarer the item, the more anomaly shards you receive.

We recommend doing this regularly and often during the early part of Outriders so you can have these readily available when you reach the later portions of the game, and you can add these to your more powerful items. You can view how many anomaly shards you have in your inventory menu on the bottom left section next to all of your resources by hovering over the ‘shards’ icon.