How to get Ash of War: Bloody Slash in Elden Ring

A powerful bleeding strike.

The Ash of War abilities you acquire in Elden Ring give you the chance to add unique talents to your weapons to define them further and enhance them during your journey. You can find them scattered all over the game. A handful of them can be captured from NPCs or rewarded to you after defeating one, such as the Ash of War: Bloody Slash. This guide covers how to get the Ash of War: Bloody Slash and what it does in Elden Ring.

You’ll need to make your way to the southern part of Limgrave East, where you can find the Fort Haight. At the top of the fort, there will be an elite NPC with a large sword and shield that you’ll have to do battle with. During the fight, the warrior will carry their sword with both hands, causing it to turn red, and do additional damage to you.

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Upon defeating this enemy, you’ll gain the Ash of War: Bloody Slash, similar to the NPC’s attack against you. This attack will add an Arcane attribute scaling to your weapon and lower the Strength and Dexterity of the weapon. Although, you gain the attack called Bloody Slash, which causes your opponent to bleed.

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