How to get Azalea Trees in Minecraft

They produce beautiful flowers.

Azalea trees are to meant to have beautiful flowers on them in Minecraft, and they’re supposed to lead you to a Lush Cave in the plains biome. However, in Minecraft 1.17, Azalea Trees and lush caves do not naturally spawn in your world. Most of the materials are here, but you have to find them through unique methods. For those looking to add an Azalea Tree to your garden, you can do this by obtaining moss.

You can obtain moss blocks through two methods: by speaking with a wandering trader or finding them inside shipwreck chests. Both methods work fine. The shipwreck might be your best option, but if you happen to locate a wandering trader in your travels, it never hurts to speak with them. You’ll need an emerald to make the trade, though.

Once you have the moss block, place it down at any location you want to grow your Azalea Tree. With the item down, the next step is to acquire bone meal and apply it to the moss block. The moss block generates an azalea, and if you do it again, it’ll become a full Azalea tree. The tree generates rooted dirt below it. When Azalea Trees naturally spawn in Minecraft, you’ll be able to use them to locate lush caves in the Plains biomes.

The hardest part will be locating the moss blocks. You’ll have a better chance of trading for one with a wandering trader, but you don’t want to hold out on waiting for them to show up.