How to get Bamboo and Bamboo Shoots in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Screengrab via Nintendo

Bamboo and Bamboo Shoots are one of the most annoying resources to find in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The game tells you nothing about their location or where they come from, and it was only down to pure luck that we even came across them in the first place. Some DIY recipes require you to have Bamboo to craft them, but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere where they spawn.

That’s because Bamboo and Bamboo Shoots only spawn in one place. Mystery Tours.

By purchasing a Nook Miles Ticket from the ATM Machine in Resident Services and taking it to the airport, you will be whisked away to a mystery Island that could have any resources, trees, or secrets hidden within it.

Bamboo and Bamboo Shoots are just one of these many resources that you need, so you need to hope that RNG is on your side when visiting a mystery Island, and it just happens to land you on a Bamboo infested island for you to make the most of.

It took us 15 attempts and over 30,000 Nook Miles to come across one of these Bamboo Islands, which is pretty unforgiving. But when you do arrive, you will find an ample amount of Bamboo Trees and Shoots to take advantage of.

Make sure to eat a ton of Fruit and take a Shovel with you so you can bring the Bamboo Trees back to your main island, so you don’t have to rely on Mystery Tours anymore to get more resources, or else you’ll have to go on more trips to pray you come in contact with the trees once again.