How to get Baruuk Prime Relics in Warframe – All Baruuk Prime Relic locations

Give your enemies a prime peace palm.

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Baruuk is one of the best Frames to use in Warframe and has finally joined the Prime ranks. Baruuk Prime has his own Prime Access, complete with new Prime weapons and accessories, but he can also be earned in the game if you crack open Relics containing his Prime components. This guide will explain how to get Baruuk Prime Relics in Warframe.

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All Baruuk Prime Relic locations in Warframe

Like other Prime Warframes, Baruuk Prime has four pieces you need to collect if you hope to build him in the Foundry. To construct Baruuk Prime, you need the Baruuk Prime Blueprint, Baruuk Prime Chassis, Baruuk Prime Neuroptics, and the Baruuk Prime Systems. You can collect these parts by trading for them with other players or by earning specific Relics and farming for a chance to get them.

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Each one of these components is tied to a specific Relic. These are the four Relics, and which missions are best suited to farm them.

  • Axi B5 Relic – Baruuk Prime Neuroptics
  • Lith B10 Relic – Baruuk Prime Blueprint
  • Meso R5 Relic – Baruuk Prime Systems
  • Neo A8 Relic – Baruuk Prime Chassis

The best missions to farm Void Relics are the Hepit and Ukko Capture nodes located in the Void tileset. They are short capture missions that you can run under a minute once you learn the level. Farm these two missions to earn the Relics you’ll need to make Baruuk Prime and build a robust variant of the popular monk-style Frame. These missions are some of the best ones to farm because they will always drop a Void Relic for completing the mission. You can also purchase Void Relic packs in the Market, but the chances of getting the right Relics you need are very rare.