How to get Black and Gold Nuclei in Tower of Fantasy

Get your new gear while you can.

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There are a bunch of different currencies and items that you will be using in Tower of Fantasy. There are many different ways to purchase the items found in the stores, get new weapons, and even some Simulacra. Two of the items you will be using the most are Black and Gold Nuclei. These items are extremely useful for getting in-game gear, but first, you need to get your hands on them.

How to get Black and Gold Nuclei

Black and Gold Nuclei will be introduced to you early on in the game as you are required to obtain one new character as part of the story. After that, you will need to figure out how to get these items yourself. If you go into the backpack menu, you will see these items in your inventory if you have any on hand.

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If you select either of them, the game will tell you how you can obtain them. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t provide much insight other than “World Exploration.” You can obtain Black and Gold Nuclei from the following areas:

  • Locked chests
  • Completing story milestones
  • Completing missions
  • Defeating special monsters
  • Interacting with wildlife like Dandelions and Glowshrooms

There are plenty of ways that you can get these items from exploring the world. Keep your eyes open and you will see that you actually get quite a bit of them from just playing the game.

How to use Black and Gold Nuclei

You can spend Black and Gold Nuclei like you would other types of currency by going into your menu. Specifically, you will want to access the Special Orders menu. Special Orders are purchases that you can make using Black and Gold Nuclei. These purchases can be made individually or in groups of 10.

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There are two different caches in this menu, a Gold Nucleus Cache and a Black Nucleus Cache. You can change which one you are accessing by selecting the banner in the bottom right corner of the menu. You can then select which order amount you wish to place. Special orders will let you augment materials, weapons, and even new Simulacra to use on your character.