How to get Bone Splinter in Last Oasis

The bone collector.

Last Oasis

With a heavy focus on resource gathering and crafting, you will be spending plenty of time inĀ Last Oasis, grabbing up materials from the environment around you. Thankfully, the game forgoes long harvest animations, so it’s quick and easy to grab the things you need. Bone Splinter is a resource you will need a lot of to make certain items in the game.

Bone Splinter can often be found near the entrances to canyons and valleys, and will often appear on the ground as bones, and sometimes as large mammoth tusks. Some of the tusks are huge, and very easy to spot as you travel through the area.

Bone Splinter needs to be harvested with an axe, or pickaxe, so if you are hunting rare resources, be sure to have some in your inventory.

Another potential source of Bone Splinter is the Rupus, the monkey-like creatures that share the world with you. Rupus can vary as a threat from a mild inconvenience to extremely lethal, so you should often be careful before engaging them. Scavengers are weak, armed only with a wooden stick, and are very easy to handle. At the other end of the scale is the White Death, a fast, vicious, hard-hitting Rupus that will give any player an extremely tough time.

The exact drop rates for Bone Splinter from Rupus are not currently known, but the weaker types do not seem to drop them at all. It’s not really advisable to hunt Rupus specifically to get Bone Splinters. Still, it is certainly a good idea to check the inventory of dead Rupus, and any chests you find in a Rupus settlement.

You can use Bone Splinters to make a range of higher-tier weapons and armor such as the Baskwood Armor, Bonespike Sword, or Spikebone Club.