How to get Bye Focal II in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Can you see it?


Screenshot by Gamepur

Bye Focal II is a car that you can unlock without any effort in Hot Wheels Unleashed. The vehicle was added to the game in Patch 1.04, but you still need to activate it before you can tear up the tracks with it. This guide covers how to unlock Bye Focal II so that you can do just that as soon as possible.

How to get Bye Focal II

Screenshot by Gamepur

Bye Focal II is a DLC add-on, so you need to navigate to the Add-On section of the main menu to access it. On this screen, you’ll see all the available DLC cars, including ones you already own. If you haven’t downloaded Bye Focal II yet, then it should be the only car without a green tick on it. So navigate to it, go through your respective digital storefront, and download it. This car is free for all players, so you don’t need the Volume 1 Pass to pick it up.

Bye Focal II was originally introduced to the Hot Wheels franchise in 2009 by Rob Matthes. Its distinct dual air intake and transparent hood set it apart from any other vehicle in the franchise. However, the version you get to use in Hot Wheels Unleased appears to be unique and doesn’t look like it’s based on any of the physical versions of the model.