How to get cactus fruit and what it does in Last Oasis

Who doesn’t love fruit?

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Obtaining items and making use of simple materials is how you survive in Last Oasis. Once you receive your grappling hook by following the primary quest in the game, you have the chance to climb higher than you previously did. With your Firefly Walker available to you, you’re ready to explore the large desert oasis that awaits you. However, where can you get cactus fruit, and what does it do in the game?

You need your grappling hook before you can go after cactus fruit. If you have not reached this point in Last Oasis, there’s no reason to worry about it. When you do have it, venture a little way outside of the tutorial area with your Firefly Walker and look for the massive cacti plants that grow all over the game. Using your grappling hook, aim it at the top of the cactus using the middle mouse button, and pull yourself up the side using the “E” key, but don’t go all the way. You want a little bit of slack to swing yourself up to the top of the cactus, and while you’re swinging, you can press the “Space” key to lift yourself the side.

While on top of the cactus, look for the small, reddish items hanging off the sides of the large plant. You need to wait for the “harvest” icon to show up, and when that happens, you can obtain your precious cactus fruit.

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The cactus fruit is an excellent source of water, providing you 20 units. The item description also details how you can turn it into mind-enhancing vitamins, such as the vision powder, which you can learn later on in the vitamin crafting tree. You won’t be able to access this immediately, but when you do, it’s great to know how to harvest these precious fruit pieces.

Cactus fruit may play a more significant role in the Last Oasis later on as the game develops. We’ll update this page if we find new uses for the plant to make your journey in Last Oasis any easier.