How to get Challenge Points in Marvel’s Avengers

The daily grind.

Marvel's Avengers

Image via Square Enix

Challenge Cards in Marvel’s Avengers are similar to a battle pass in other games. These hero specific cards will allow you to unlock different cosmetics and items for your heroes. You rank them by getting Challenge Points. You need a total of 200 Challenge Points to unlock everything in a Challenge Card. It will take 5 points to unlock each level on the Challenge Card.

How to earn Challenge Points

You can earn Challenge Points by completing Daily and Weekly Challenges. These challenges will vary from defeat enemies in specific ways, to tracking down and beating certain enemy types in the game.

Completing a Daily Challenge will reward you with 3 Challenge Points, while completing a Weekly Challenge will net you 11 Challenge Points. You can earn a maximum of 64 points each week, so with daily play, and finishing every challenge, you will need a little over three weeks to finish a Challenge Card for one hero.

When do the challenges reset?

The daily challenges in Marvel’s Avengers will reset every day at midnight, CET.

Are Challenge Cards free?

Challenge Cards for all the base game Avengers are free, but post launch heroes that are added to the game will require 1000 Credits to unlock their Challenge Cards.

While it is possible to complete Challenges automatically by spending credits, this is not really a great idea as credits cost real world money, and most of the challenges are fairly simple to complete just by playing missions in the game.