How to get Chaos Orbs in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Timewalk like an Egyptian and grab some orbs while you’re at it.

Image via Blizzard

If you’re feeling nostalgic for expansions of World of Warcraft past, the Timewalking events should give you the fix you need. As Shadowlands moves WoW closer to its 20th year of existence, Timewalking dungeons allow you to enter older content and come away with special badges for high item levels, and you have a chance to loot items normally reserved for Heroic difficulty. This is how you can find Chaos Orbs.

The main place to find Chaos Orbs is at the end of a Heroic difficulty dungeon in Cataclysm. Thanks to the Timewalking event, however, you can run through these dungeons on Normal difficulty, where you can farm Chaos Orbs and pick up your Timewarped Badges for the event.

Chaos Orbs are part of the formula to make Dreamcloth, used in over 70 different types of armor that appeared in the Cataclysm expansion. While they’re obviously underpowered by the time you reach your maximum level in Shadowlands, their appearances are great additions to your transmog collection when you feel like playing dress-up.

If you feel like picking up some mounts along the way, Cataclysm dungeons are overflowing with them. You can potentially pick up three different mounts just from Dragon Soul alone: Experiment 12-B, Life-Binder’s Handmaiden, and the Blazing Drake.

Make the most out of your dungeon runs, as Timewalking is limited to five dungeons before the quest closes up.