How to get Cherry Bomb in Vampire Survivors

Add this unique bouncing explosive to your arsenal.

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The Cherry Bomb is a unique weapon that bounces off of enemies and is capable of exploding, dealing damage to large groups of enemies. It doesn’t seem powerful at first, and it does need some help, but if you invest the resources it can be a powerful weapon that gets you through the early-mid game. The Cherry Bomb isn’t in your starting line-up of weapons, and must be unlocked before use.

It’s not hard to unlock the Cherry Bomb, but it does require some work. There’s an alternative method to unlock it as well, though it is a longer route. Work your way up at the beginning and as you test the waters, you might find that you already have the Cherry Bomb. It doesn’t show up often, but there are easy ways to check if you have it.

The path to the Cherry Bomb

Accessing the Cherry Bomb requires you to have access to the Inlaid Library map. It’s the map you unlock after completing the Mad Forest in your first 30 minute run, which shouldn’t take much time. You will have to defeat 3,000 Lion Head enemies, which look like lion heads that have spinning limbs. Defeating 3,000 enemies in one go might be difficult, and it’s easier to spread this out over multiple runs.

As Lion Head enemies will appear frequently past the halfway mark, it’s best to focus on adapting to the map first. You can then take out the Lion Head enemies when you know what to expect, and know when they will appear.

After defeating 3,000 Lion Head enemies, you will unlock Yatta Cavallo in the Character Select screen. You don’t have to finish the run to unlock him, and the unlock will signal that you have defeated enough enemies. Yatta Cavallo is the character whose starting weapon is the Cherry Bomb.

Unlocking the Cherry Bomb

The unlock requirements are simple: just buy Yatta Cavallo for 500 gold. Once Yatta is available, the Cherry Bomb will now appear in your arsenal. It doesn’t have a high chance of showing up naturally, and you may have to get lucky to use it. Alternatively, using Yatta gives you access to the weapon straight away. Using a Candybox to select the weapon manually is also an option, though this won’t happen until you unlock enough secrets.

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If you don’t want to defeat 3,000 Lion Heads to unlock Yatta, you can use the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane. Go to the Spells menu and type in “yattapanda”, which will unlock Yatta without a fight. You will likely have defeated 3,000 Lion Heads before getting the Scrolls of Morbane, but it’s still an option if you never play in the Inlaid Library.

The Cherry Bomb might not be your first thought when it comes to powerful weapons, but it is still useful enough to help you survive early on. In enclosed maps, the bounce and explosion effect can quickly take out many enemies. It doesn’t evolve, but it allows you to take an item that is useful for the rest of your set-up.