How to get chickens, and look after them, in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

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Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

One of the first animals you are likely to get in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is the humble chicken. These little guys will live in your chicken coop, and as long as you feed them or let them roam the yard each day, they will lay some eggs for you. The best news is that it is easy to get more chickens, as long as you have one.

You can get chickens from Po Poultry, which you will see on your in-game map. Po Poultry is open every day from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm except on Sundays, and sells the following chickens:

  • Chicken – 1500 Gold
  • Brown Chicken – 1500 Gold

You can also buy chicken feed from them for 10 gold.

How to get more chickens

You should only buy one chicken, then raise the others from eggs. The reason for this is that a purchased animal won’t ever love you as much as an animal born on your farm, and how the animal feels about you dictates the quality of the food they will produce. Happier chickens that love you more will make bigger, higher quality eggs.

You can place an egg into the incubator in your chicken coop, and a few days later, a chicken will be born. After a couple of weeks, it will grow into an adult chicken and start to lay its own eggs.

How to look after chickens every day

Chickens need to be fed every day to lay eggs. You can feed them chicken feed from the Po Poultry shop, or make your own chicken feed. Just equip the chicken feed, then hit A when you are standing near the chicken to hand feed it. You can also put the chicken feed in their stalls, or just let them outside by ringing the bell outside the coop. Chickens that have been outside for a day do not need to be feed, as they will feed themselves. The best way to feed them is by hand, as it will make them like you more if you do this.

How to make chicken feed

Instead of spending lots of money on chicken feed, you can make your own. Just outside your chicken coop is a small water mill with a sign beside it. You can interact with the watermill to put the corn in, and it will grind lots of chicken feed, 30 bags from each lump of corn. You can then store this in the red bin in the coop.

I want to get rid of the first chicken I got

You can sell animals at Po Poultry if you want to replace purchased animals with ones born on the farm.

Can I make my coop bigger?

If you visit Gotts in his workshop in the southern part of the map, you can hire him to increase your coop size. This will cost lumber, stone, and lots of gold to do.