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How to get Chitin in Ark: Survival Evolved

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Ark: Survival Evolved requires you to understand a lot about the game in order to excel. From understanding which berries are edible to knowing which dinosaur to tame for which task, playing Ark can get a bit complicated from time to time. One of the most important aspects of Ark is gathering the necessary resources pre-emptively and ensuring that you know where to look when you need to go hunting for them. Chitin is an essential material, both as-is and as a component for other resources. This guide will detail where to find Chitin in Ark: Survival Evolved.

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What do you need Chitin for in Ark: Survival Evolved

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Chitin is a key resource when it comes to crafting saddles. The hard shell-like material is needed for saddles, such as the Pteranadon saddle, one of the most important flying mounts you can get in the early stages of the game.

As you progress further in Ark, you’ll also need to locate materials like Cementing Paste. Cementing Paste is a key component in crafting higher-tier weapons and metal structures. Cementing Paste can be gathered but also crafted, and Chitin is the key resource in crafting it.

Where to find Chitin in Ark: Survival Evolved

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Chitin or Keratin serve the same purpose in Ark, despite having different names. The difference between the resources is based on the type of creature which drops them. Chitin drops from insect-like creatures, whilst Keratin drops from mammals with horns and tusks.

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To harvest Chitin, you’ll need to kill and harvest the corpses of different creatures. The best places to find creatures that drop Chitin are in the desert biomes, volcanic biomes, and Artifact caves. They’ll usually clump together in these places, and you’ll be able to kill and harvest them in great numbers.

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Chitin is most effectively harvested by specific tools and tames in Ark. If you’re able to tame a Megatherium, they not only are the best tame for harvesting Chitin, but they get a massive buff from attacking insects in the game. If you cannot tame one, you can use either a Metal Hatchet or a Chainsaw. The Metal Hatchet gathers more Chitin, but remember, the higher the damage percentage of your weapon, the greater your resource yield.

Another great creature to use is the Shadowmane. They have excellent damage output and harvest Chitin amazingly well. Take them into Artifact caves, and you’ll gather Chitin in no time.

Creatures that drop Chitin and Keratin when killed include the following:

KarkinosOn maps such as Genesis 2, Aberration, and Valguero. These creatures are incredibly tough and you’ll need to fight them with something like a Spino.
PulmonoscorpiusLocated in the desert, volcanoes, and in Artifact caves. They will deal Torpor to you and your mount so be prepared with Stimulants and Stimberries.
MantisLocated in the desert and around volcanoes. They will deal a ton of damage and travel in up to groups of three.
EurypteridLocated on the ocean floor. In Viking Bay on Ragnarok, and in the underwater tunnels on Crystal Isles. They will do a ton of Torpor.

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