What does Crying Obsidian do in Minecraft’s Nether Update, How to Get it

Eventually you can respawn in the Nether.


Crying Obsidian will be an available block for Minecraft players to mine in the Nether Update. Previously, they only available through bartering, and they had no function. Now, you will want to make sure you can readily obtain this item so you can create a Respawn Anchor. The anchor allows you to respawn within the Nether.

You want to locate Crying Obsidian by finding a ruined portal. A ruined portal looks a bit like the nether portal players can create to enter the nether; it’s only damaged and a naturally spawning item within your world. The damaged portal has the chance of spawning in any of the available biomes in your world in Minecraft, and they can appear underground, underwater, or above ground. When looking for these relics, you want to look all over. 

These partially damaged creations are your ticket to Crying Obsidian. You can start picking away at the ruined portal when you find it, but you will need a diamond or netherite pickaxe to break Crying Obsidian off. No other pickaxe or tool works on it.

Alternatively, you can find them in Bastion remnants inside of chests or barter them to Piglins if you offer them a gold ingot. You have better chances of finding the Crying Obsidian inside a chest than you do bartering for the item.