How to get Cyrus and Reese to customize items in Animal Crossing New Horizons’ 2.0.0 Update

Reese and Cyrus are ready to work!

Screenshot by Gamepur

Reese and Cryus have traveled from Animal Crossing New Leaf and settled down on Harv’s island. The 2.0.0 update for Animal Crossing New Horizons has brought these beloved characters back from their slumber so they can customize furniture for you. Here’s how to unlock this couple and get them to work.

Before Reese and Cryus can customize your furniture, you need to unlock them. This is done by visiting Harv’s island. Head to the airport and have Wilbur fly you out to meet up with Harv. Harv is in the process of starting up a co-op but needs a little capital to get started. After you’re done speaking with him, you will see Lloid in various places.

Walk up to the Lloid that is to the left of the windmill. They will mention a couple who likes to customize furniture. You will need to donate a whopping 100,000 Bells to get the process started. Wait a day (or time skip) and Reese and Cyrus will have their shop up and running.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The couple will tell you that they are ready to customize any furniture that you bring them. Craft an item or bring an existing item out to Cyrus (Reese doesn’t customize) and give him the item you want to customize. A menu will appear that shows the item and all of the customization options you can perform.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Choose the options you want and pay Cyrus the number of Bells it will cost to customize. Cyrus will customize it on the spot and hand it back to you immediately.