How to get Darumaka and best movesets in Pokémon GO

There’s a unique way to capture Darumaka in Pokémon GO, and it also helps to know the best move combinations it can have when you catch it.

Image via Niantic

You have the opportunity to catch Darumaka in Pokémon GO. You won’t find them wandering around the area. However, you need to catch them in a specific way. It released during the Pokémon GO Lunar New Year event.

To catch Darumaka, you need to free up some of the incubators you have in your inventory. That’s right, the only way to capture Darumaka, at this time, is to have him hatch from one of your eggs. You need to hatch him fro a seven-kilometer one, so see if you have any of those in your inventory, slap them into a free incubator, and start walking. When it hatches, you have a chance for Darumaka to pop out, but it’s not assured. There are other Pokémon you can potentially hatch from this egg, such as Shuckle and Foongus, so it’s all about luck.

Seven-kilometer eggs are a bit different because you can only receive them from gift packages and friends. If you’re looking to acquire one, you may want to reach out to your friends in Pokémon GO to send you a gift package and do it to as many other trainers as possible. The more seven-kilometer eggs you have, the higher chances you have of having Darumaka hatch from one of them.

Darumaka is not a heavy-weight Pokémon in its first form. It has a max CP of 1,442, an attack of 153, a defense of 86, and 172 for stamina. Your main goal is to work towards having it evolve into its significantly stronger form, Darmanitan. Darumaka’s ideal moveset if Fire Fang and Psychic, but you can also do some decent damage with one that has Tackle and Psychic. These two combinations are relatively close together to not make it too much of a significant difference, especially if your ultimate goal is to evolve it.

You need 50 Darukama candy to evolve it into a Darmanitan, so make sure to reach out to your friends in Pokémon GO to request more gift packages because you’re going to need all of them. The more Darukama you hatch, the more candies you can receive.