How to get Diamonds in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Diamonds are forever.

Image via Moonton

It’s all about those precious Diamonds in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With them, you can buy cool skins from the in-game shop, along with heroes, in particular, the rare and expensive heroes that are only available via Diamonds. Because of this, Diamonds, the in-game currency in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, are in high demand. This guide will showcase the methods for obtaining them.


If you’re ready for the test of tournament play, then be sure to register in them because reaping the rewards can result in earning Diamonds. Keep in mind, though, that tournaments are relatively competitive, so putting in the grind and leveling up so that you’re able to compete with fellow players is highly recommended.

Streaming (via Gifting)

Putting yourself out there and streaming Mobile Legends has the potential for fellow players gifting Diamonds to you. Loads of Mobile Legends streamers can attest to this because we all know how generous some viewers can be out there. Essentially, players can gift them to you via the in-game gifting system. Here’s a rundown of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang gift tier list.

  • Flower – 2 Diamonds
  • Jewelry – 6 Diamonds
  • Roadster – 250 Diamonds
  • Yacht – 1,000 Diamonds
  • Airplane – 5,000 Diamonds


The Mobile Legends community is a great place to get some Diamonds. Reddit, for example, is an excellent place for players to connect. In general, these types of sites are ideal for connecting with fellow players who may have what you’re looking for. Additionally, scanning them may reveal upcoming events or opportunities where in-game loot (like Diamonds) are up for grabs.

Third-Party Applications

Now, for this next one, be sure to tread with caution. Numerous tutorial videos online will inform you that you need to download specific apps with the promise of “free diamonds.” Once downloaded, the app may ask for your mobile number or other personal information. Be sure to do your research with this one and not give out any sensitive information or download apps from unverified sources. As a general rule of thumb, If it seems sketchy, it probably is. However, this is a possible method, but one we can’t surely recommend.

Pull out your Wallet

An obvious one, but as you may already know, Diamonds are purchasable via the in-game shop with real money. However, sometimes there might be deals or bonuses that tend to pop up that can net you more bang for your buck, so be sure to check in every once and a while.