How to get different types of Fruit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Only one type will get a little boring.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons sees you survive on a pretty healthy diet, despite being on a desert island. Fruit will be something that you regularly use during the game, but if you want to broaden your dietary horizons, you’ll need to go further afield that you own little island.

Fruit Tree

Your starting Island will only have one type of fruit on it, which will be quite plentiful and grow on trees all over the island. You can shake the tree by hitting A while close to it, or hit it with an ax, to make the fruit fall, the gather it up by pressing Y.

There are other types of fruits in the game, but they will be on other islands. To get your hands on them, you will need to visit friends, and trade with them, to get the different fruit.

After a couple of days on the island, your character’s Mom will send you a present contain a different type of fruit. In our game, we started with Peaches on the Island, and the present contained Pears.

Nook Miles Ticket

The final way to get a different type of fruit is by traveling to a Mystery Island using a Nook Miles Ticket. A Nook Miles Ticket can be purchased from the kiosk in the Resident Services tent for 3000 Nook Mile. You will also get one for free from Tom Nook as you finish the tasks he gives you. The Mystery Island will contain Coconut trees, and you can harvest the Coconuts and bring them back to your island.

When you get the different types of fruit, you can use a shovel to dig a hole, then plant the fruit to get your own tree, and a steady supply of the new fruit.