How to get Earth Wax in Last Oasis

It’s a process.

Last Oasis

Earth Wax is a resource that can be found in Medium difficulty areas in Last Oasis. You have a small chance to get it by mining rocks with high tier tools, or it can even be looted from Rupus upon occasion.

Earth Wax is used to build Walkers and equipment, to make things waterproof and prevent decay.

The best way to get Earth Wax is, presumably, to build a Soil Excavator on Black Soil. As far as we know, Black Soil is not in the game yet, but we have reached out to the developers for confirmation.

You can also get Earth Wax by using a Stomping Station. It will cost 25 Fragments to get a Stomping Station recipe from the tech tree. You will need the following resources to build the Stomping Station:

  • 45 Wood
  • 10 Rupu Vine
  • 20 Stone
  • 4 Wood Shaft

Wood and stone are easily harvested from stones and trees. Rupu Vine should be harvested with a Simple Sickle or a Scythe, as more vines will drop this way. Harvesting by hand gets you four; the Simple Sickle will get you up to ten, while the Scythe will get you up to 27.

Wood shafts need to be made at a woodworking station and will require five wood and 2 fiber to build.

You can use the Stomping Station to turn palm leaves and mushroom flesh into Earth Wax. Palm leaves can be harvested from palm trees using an axe, and mushroom flesh can be harvest from mushrooms in the same fashion.