How to get Ectoplasm in Stardew Valley

You might want to bring a sword, and wear some armor.

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There are multiple items and resources for you to find in Stardew Valley that you can use on your farm. However, several items, such as Ectoplasm, might only be used for specific reasons or completing special orders you accept. You won’t be able to use it on your farm, but you need it to complete a quest for the Wizard of your town. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Ectoplasm in Stardew Valley.

Where to find Ectoplasm

Ectoplasm is only available during the A Curious Substance order. It’s a special one you receive from the Wizard, who requires you to find one during your playthrough. You have seven days to complete the request before it goes away. There are no prerequisites for completing this request beyond unlocking the Special Orders board in front of Lewis’ home. Upon accepting this request, you will need to hunt down the creatures that drop it: Carbon Ghosts, Putrid Ghosts, and standard Ghosts.

Where to find Ghosts

You can find ghosts by visiting the Mines, and they will appear on various floors. We recommend double-checking that you’ve progressed at least to level 60 in The Mines before accepting A Curious Substance. The standard Ghost and Putrid Ghost have a chance to spawn anywhere from levels 51 to 79. You can quickly make your way to these levels by using The Mines’ elevator. A Ghost and the Putrid Ghost are the most common ones to encounter, whereas the Carbon Ghost will only appear in the Skull Cavern, although they can appear in The Mines so long as you’ve activated the Shrine of Challenge.

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Ectoplasm has the same chance to drop off any of the three ghosts. After grabbing the Ectoplasm, submit it to the Wizard to complete the order. Following the end of A Curious Substance, Ectoplasm will no longer drop off any ghosts, and you cannot use it for recipes.