How to get enchantment points and what they do in Minecraft Dungeons

Give your weapons and armor unique abilities.

Each time your character levels up in Minecraft Dungeons, you receive additional health, and you can gain an enchantment point. The enchantments allow you to modify the weapons and gear you use in the game. They vary in what they will enable you to do, but they significantly change weapons to give you additional benefits. Can you get more of them in other ways?

When you initially start the game, you can only gain enchantment points by leveling up your character. Every time you level up, you receive one. When you want to use one, open up your inventory and pick one of the various items you have available to you, such as your weapons and armor. Some weapons and gear can have up to three enchantments to them, but it varies on rarity.

You can see how many enchantments an item can accept by hovering over it in your inventory and bringing it up on the right side of your menu screen. You can view its power, speed, area of damage, and how much ammo it uses. Below these stats, you can see the various enchantments you can unlock and apply to it. Each enchantment slot will have up to three options available for you to pick from. Each of them will do different things, such as heal allies, heal yourself, confuse your enemies, causing a poison cloud to spawn every few seconds, summon lightning bolts, and much more.

Enchantments are a critical option to have on your equipment in Minecraft Dungeons. When you continue through the game the enemies will become stronger, and you gain access to better equipment. When you are ready to salvage an item, if you applied any enchantment points to it you will receive those enchantment points back to use on other, superior equipment pieces.