How to Get the Escape from Tarkov Game Launcher

Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a high tension, brutally unforgiving multiplayer shooter. While the game is not out yet, it is in closed beta, and you can get access to it by pre-ordering from the Escape from Tarkov website. If you have already done so, you might be a little confused about how to get the launcher. Here are the steps you need to take.

Check Your Email

If you received an invite to the closed beta, then you can download the game via an email sent to you by developers Battlestate Games. If it has been a while since you received the email, search for Battlestate Games in your inbox. You will hopefully have received the closed beta invite email and can to download the launcher from there.

If you recently purchased the game, it may take a short amount of time for the order to process. This time varies depending on the payment method you used. After it processes, you will receive an email inviting you to the closed beta because everyone gains access when they pre-order. Click on the install button in the email to download the launcher’s install file.

There can be a second delay here: the first to process your payment, and the second to get the closed-beta invite. You cannot gain access to the launcher until this email arrives. You need to be patient as it shouldn’t take too long to come, but there will be some delay.

Check Your Profile

If you are unable to find the email, go directly to your profile page on the Escape from Tarkov website. Your main profile page should list out if you have access to the closed beta, and there’s a button on your profile you can use to download the launcher. Once again, this button only appears after gained access to the closed beta via the random draw or have gotten access by pre-ordering the game.

If you have an invitation to the closed beta, or if you have pre-purchased the game, and cannot find the email, or a button on your profile that will allow you to download the launcher, you will need to contact Battlestate Games through their support page.