How to get every Phantasma Prime Relic in Warframe

Build a bigger boom.

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Prime weapons in Warframe require some grind and a little luck to track down the parts needed to build them. Phantasma Prime is no different in this regard. Void relics can be acquired in numerous ways, and you need to track down specific ones to have a chance at building this Prime shotgun. The Phantasma Prime is Revenant Prime’s signature weapon. This shotgun is a strong weapon if you enjoy using status-heavy builds. It features innate Radiation damage but can eat through ammo reserves like none other. This guide will explain to find every Phantasma Prime Relic in Warframe.

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Every Phantasma Prime Relic in Warframe

Void relics is the primary source of the Prime parts needed to construct Phantasma Prime in your foundry. Phantasma Prime consists of four components, and you need all of them to construct this weapon. The Phantasma Prime consists of a receiver, a barrel, a blueprint, and a stock.

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Each one of these parts can be earned from opening the Void relic that contains the right component. These are the Relics to keep an eye out for.

  • Barrel: Rare drop found in the Meso P10 relic.
  • Blueprint: An uncommon drop found in the Axi N9 relic.
  • Receiver: A common drop found in the Meso K4 relic.
  • Stock: A rare drop found in the Lith P6 relic.

Relics can be acquired with market purchases or player trading, but you can also earn them from in-game missions. Lith relics are best farmed by selecting the Hepit mission node in the Void. IO on Jupiter has the best chance for Meso relics. Hieracon on Pluto is an excavation mission that can provide a good number of Axi relics if you farm it frequently.

Once you’ve collected the relics you need, take them into the void to open them and potentially earn one of the Phantasma Prime components you need to build this devastating shotgun in Warframe.