How to open Void Relics in Warframe

The eternal upgrade path.


Warframe is all about becoming more powerful, getting access to new weapons and Warframes, and taking out hundreds of enemies in missions. Prime weapons and Warframes are the cream of the crop, and to get them you need to farm, and open, Void Relics. You get Void Relics by performing missions in-game. The Relics drop as rewards at the end of tasks or rotations in extended missions. To open Void Relics, you need to run a particular type of mission.


To open Void Relics, you need to run Void Fissures. These are in the Navigator screen, in the top right-hand corner. These lists any active Void Fissure missions currently in the game. The missions will have different levels of difficulty, depending on the Relic that you wish to open.


The next screen will ask you to choose exactly which Relic you want to open, and you will need to equip it for the mission. Each Relic will show a list of the parts that it contains and the rarity of those parts. Common is the most likely to drop, with Rare being the least likely to drop. You can, if you wish, infuse Void Traces into the Relic to increase the chances of the rarer items dropping.

Infuse Void Traces

When you load into the mission, play through it as usual, and make sure to kill the enemies that have golden energy around them. These can contain Void Traces, which you will need to pick up. You need to pick up 10 Void Traces to open the Void Relic, so finish the mission, making sure you farm up all 10 before Extraction.

Relic Contents

When you extract, the contents of all the Void Relics from everyone in the mission will show up on the screen, and you will be able to choose which item you want. The name and rarity of the item displays, and if in doubt about what to choose, it is nearly always best to pick based on rarity.

If you are looking for a specific item from a particular Relic, you are best served by going to the Recruiting channel in chat, and looking for what is called a “Rad Share.” Players will all upgrade their Relics to Radiant using Void Traces, to give the best chance at getting the Rare drop, then run the mission together as a group. This will dramatically decrease the length of time it can take to get the Rare items and components.

When you are in Recruiting chat, be clear about the Relic you wish to run, and the level you want to farm it at so that people can quickly know if they’re going to join you in the run or not.