The best Phantasma Prime build in Warframe

So many barrels and such little time.

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The Phantasma Prime is Revenant Prime’s signature weapon. They launched together as part of Revenant Prime’s Prime Access bundle. You can also earn this weapon by cracking Relics in the Void. This shotgun is a potent weapon and can be a top-tier choice if appropriately built. It features innate Radiation damage and suffers no damage falloff regardless of distance. This guide will explain the best build for Phantasma Prime in Warframe and how to unlock it.

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What is the best Phantasma Prime build in Warframe?

Phantasma Prime is an excellent weapon for clearing out armored Grineer, but it takes some real work to get it there. Due to the ammo economy, your top priority is making sure you refrain from using it non-stop. This gun, while powerful, consumes ammo rapidly. This build will maximize its potential and try to mitigate its glaring weaknesses.

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These are the mods to chase after if you want to build a great Phantasma:

  • Blaze – Increases base damage and heat damage
  • Galvanized Savvy – Increase status chance on kill and damage per status effect
  • Galvanized Hell – Multishot on kill is increased and stacks four times
  • Frigid Blast – Increase cold damage and status chance
  • Primed Point Blank – Increases base damage
  • Primed Shotgun Ammo Mutation – Converts secondary ammo pickups to primary ammo
  • Scattering Inferno – Increases heat damage and status chance
  • Toxic Barrage – Increases toxin damage and status chance
  • Vigilant Armaments – Increases multishot damage chance

This build is focused on Phantasma’s innate Radiation damage. This build will give you Radiation, Heat, and Viral damage with almost every pull of the trigger. These effects will then proc Galvanized Savvy, which pushes the damage through the roof. Primed Shotgun Ammo Mutation is a must, as it keeps you from running out of ammo halfway through an extended mission.

How to unlock Phantasma Prime

To unlock this weapon for your arsenal, you must crack Relics containing its various Prime parts. You can also acquire its parts by trading with other players or purchasing them directly via Prime Access.

Take advantage of this weapon, mainly if you use Revenant Prime. It’s a deadly shotgun, but in his hands, it escalates to one of the best weapons in all of Warframe.