How To Get TM94 False Swipe In Pokemon Sword and Shield


False Swipe is an incredibly useful TM in Sword and Shield. It will damage a Pokemon, but never below 1 HP, so it will not make it faint. This makes it very useful when you are trying to catch rare Pokemon and Shiny Pokemon. Because it is not always easy to predict how much damage a Pokemon will take thanks to crits, you want to always be careful when fighting a Pokemon you want to capture.

How To Get False Swipe In Pokemon Sword and Shield

You can get False Swipe by visiting the Pokemon Center just before Route 3 in Motostoke. It will cost 10,000 BP, which is quite expensive. It’s a vital TM, though, and worth buying. Go to the man on the right side of the counter, and he will see you the TM.

False Swipe itself is a weak attack, but it has the advantage of never reducing a Pokemon below one HP. It really shines when you have finished the game, and are trying to collect Pokemon that you missed on your playthrough. You can revisit the early levels without worrying about one-shotting all the Pokemon with your current party.

To check if a Pokemon can learn False Swipe, just add them to your party, then go to your Bag, and find False Swipe in the TMs section. Each Pokemon in your party will have a message saying it can, or cannot, learn False Swipe.

So, now you know how to get False Swipe in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It’s incredibly useful and can be paired with Pokemon with strong Attack stats to make Shiny hunting much easier. You won’t have to worry about causing the Shiny to faint and can safely lower it’s HP making it easier to catch.

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