How to get Favor of the Court in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Uneasy lies your head, but wear this crown and lighten up.

Image via Blizzard

The Favor of the Court is your reward for completing a number of challenges in one or two areas in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Here’s how you can win the favor, along with a quick note about what you might find inside the treasure.

Completing challenges in Revendreth

Favor of the Court is awarded to players who successfully completed the Challenges in Revendreth calling. You can finish the requirements for this in three ways, the first being a world quest called Destroy the Dominant. After picking up the Challengs in Revendreth calling, you will head to the northwestern part of Revendreth, marked on your map. It’s safer to do this with a group; although there are no bosses involved, many of the enemies you face will be Elites, and that can give you some trouble if you’re on your own.

Challenges in Revendreth also asks you to run through two different dungeons: the Sanguine Depths and the Halls of Atonement.

Storming the Maw

You can also earn Favor of the Court through the calling known as Storm the Maw, which you can pick up from your appropriate NPC, depending on your covenant choice. Taking this challenge will send you into the Maw to kill three rare or special encounter bosses, not including the last boss for Wrath of the Jailer.

Favor of the Court loot

Once you acquire Favor of the Court, expect to find loot with an item level somewhere in the range of 177-187. This is the equivalent of running through a Mythic +2 dungeon, so it’s worth your time to go out and answer the calling.