How to get Fish Oil in New World

Fish on.

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Fish Oil is a valuable ingredient that you’ll want to acquire in New World regularly. You’ll be using it at the kitchen crafting station to create cooking oil, which is often used in some more complicated cooking recipes. For those who want to add fish oil to their ingredients, you’ll need to increase your fishing skills.

The way you obtain fish oil is by catching fish. You can do this from a freshwater or saltwater source. However, if you’re closer to a settlement, we recommend sticking with freshwater because these generally closer to a town where you can work on numerous crafting projects. You’ll also want to loot Woodlouse Bait or Firefly Bait to increase your chances of finding higher-quality fish.

From there, all you have to do next is begin fishing and wait for a fish to appear. When you have the fish in your inventory, you’ll find it underneath the fishing category. You then want to salvage it, and there’s a chance you’ll receive fish oil as a resource. While you may not receive fish oil, you more often than not break it down to create fish filets, which you can use in a handful of starting cooking recipes.

With enough fish oil, you can combine it with nuts at a kitchen crafting station to turn it into cooking oil, unlocking more advanced cooking recipes.