How to get Forma in Warframe

Getting stronger.

Warframe’s core loop is slowly making your weapons and Warframes more powerful, and to do this you need Forma. Forma allows you to add a Polarity to a mod slot on a weapon or Warframe, reducing the power cost of the mods placed in that slot.

Lowering the power cost of mods allows you to use stronger mods, for more powerful builds, making it an essential tactic for any player looking to make strong late-game builds. You may also need them if you plan on building your own Dojo for your Clan or building some weapons.

How To Get Forma In Warframe

You can get Forma in the game by opening Void Relics. The blueprints for Forma can drop from quite a few Relics in the Warframe, and many of them are placed in the Common slot, making them quite easy to farm up.

You then build the Forma in the Foundry, with the following resources:

  • 35,000 Credits
  • 1 Morphics
  • 1 Neural Sensor
  • 1 Neurode
  • 1 Orokin Cell

You can check what each Relic contains in the Void Relic console on the ship, the Codex, or at the start of a Void Fissure mission when you are picking which Relic to equip. While this is the most common way to get Forma, you can get it from other means as well. Forma Blueprints can drop as login rewards, or as rewards for completing Invasion Missions. They can also drop from finding all hidden caches in Earth Sabotage missions, although the chance of this is minimal.

There are also ways to get fully built Forma. Sometimes a Forma drops as a reward from the daily Sortie. During the Operation Plague Star, which is held sometimes on Cetus, you can purchase them from Nakak for 3000 Op Supply. This method is one of the best ways to get Forma blueprints and is a fantastic way to stock up on them.

If you need one, you can purchase a Forma from the Market for 20 Platinum, or a pack of three for 35 Platinum. You can also earn them as rewards during the Nightwave events that are almost constantly running in the game.

How To Use Forma

To use a Forma, you need to go to your Arsenal, then click on the weapon or Warframe. Click on Actions, then Polarize. Select the Forma you want to use, then the slot you want to use it on. Finally, set the Polarity of the slot to the same Polarity as the Mod you wish to place in it. The item has to be Level 30 to use the Forma, and when you Polarize it, it will be reset to Level 0 again. You will need to level it up the same way you level up all other gear.