How to get free hair in Roblox

Saving your funds while maintaining a sense of style.

Image via Roblox

Nobody wants to look like a basic avatar when starting up Roblox, especially with the outdated default 90’s grudge hairstyle your character begins with. Putting aside those ambiguous scam videos, there is actually an easy way to collect free hair pieces. Typically, there are about a dozen offered at a time, each with having their own unique style. Here is how to get yours.

Getting free hair on PC and mobile

On PC, after you have logged in and are at the home menu, click on the Avatar Shop tab in the top header. On the left-hand side, go into the Accessories catalog found at the bottom of the list. As the items are sorted by relevance, you’ll need to change this option to “Price (low to high).” This will enable you to see not just free hair items, but also hats, glasses, necklaces, and much more.

For those on iOS or Android, tap on the Avatar menu found on the bottom of the main menu and open up the shop tab. Scroll to the Body section, as you’ll notice a Hair catalog underneath. Above the items, there is a price adjustor that will have to be set to zero in order to see the free styles.

It should be noted that the free hairstyles are the same on all platforms, so no need to download the game elsewhere to obtain more. With Roblox having special events often, you’ll want to check periodically as the game tends to giveaway limited-time head-related items that turn out to be pretty rare.